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Name: col.. or colleen
Age: fourteen
Location: newyork
Drugs You've Tried: weed
Drug of Choice: weed
Something Interesting:This is me.

I wrote a poem about coke, from a close friends point of view. I've never done coke, but I'd like to try it soon.

Crystal crushed sugar

it appeared to be some
crystal that burst in to millions of pieces
(and it's just a plant, virtually worthless)
but fuck you pretty boy
for powdered dreams and broken lines
or vice versa, but to be honest I'm pretty messed
up to know the difference between up and down
and I never knew my left from right

(I always had to make 'L's with my fingers
to know which way I was going)

and it was just in theory because I was lost
75% of the time and I was never one for appearing
elegant, my mom and dad slapped with grace for a middle
name, but it was just one of their many expectations
I didn't live up to (sorry doesn't cut it, so it isn't worth a try)

you were so pretty, (and you hated just that thought)
touch was a poison archenemy to your non-tangible heart
if it as never tampered with there was no chance for it to break

you brought me here with you, just so you had someone to fall
with, the ride is so much better with two
(when you both fall, you're not crazy, because you both
converse with the shadows on the wall, and it's all to convincing
that 'what you're doing is okay')

but crystal crushed sugar is such entity
and when you're low, you're low
(but these lips, can not explain to you the rush
the high the power just that one line of dust
of dirty chipped mirrors can bring you)

music turned to noise, love in to a burden, and some say
I'll never be the same, but I've always wanted to live with
the stars, make my home on the milkway,
(and gravity is such a bitch
just holds you down)

( was always a bit materialistic, so I couldn't resist
crystal smashed in to what resembled snow,
but you brought me along with you, and no you are no where
(such a pitiful addiction.)

fuck you pretty boy.

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