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I'm New Here.

Name: A

Age: 15 (16-February 26)

Location: VA

Drugs You've Tried: Ecstacy, Marijuana, Oxy Cotin, Shrooms, Robo, Adderall, Coke, Valum, Acid

Drug of Choice: OC and Weed.

Something Interesting: I first smoked cigs when I was 9 and quit after 4 years. I hate my mom and my dad is never home. My hair is 4 different colors. My goal in life is to try everything that I find intresting, not matter what it is. I can't wait until I turn 21 and can drink everyday. I have never had a real boyfriend. When I graduate high school, I am moving as soon as possible away from here. I love to dance, I do ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip hop. I have a pet scorpion named Pharaoh Muhammad.
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