an illegal smile (keepstill) wrote in suburbandruggie,
an illegal smile

hey there!

Name: Megan

Age: 22

Location: The middle of Virginia

Drugs You've Tried: Pot, Hash, Opium, Coke, Nitrous, Mushrooms, Acid, Ecstasy (pill & powdered "Molly" form), Percocet, Klonipin, Alcohol

Drug of Choice: It'd be easier and quicker to state the drugs I tend to avoid.

Something Interesting: I have only been experimenting with drugs for about two years now. I started college not even having tried alcohol, and now five years later I am a completely different (but not in a bad way) person because of my experiences. My favorite place to lose myself is definitely at a music festival, and I'll be going to All Good again this summer (it starts on my birthday this year!) for five days of another world. Feel free to add me; I'll add you back!
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