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Preppy Druggies

::sniff sniff, snort snort::

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This is a community for all of you out there who do drugs but don't fit the typical stereotype of a druggie. For example, I'm 23, asorroity girl, and I have a B.A. and I'm currently working on my masters. In high school I was in band, the mascot, V.P of Student Council, in NHS, Science Club, Technology Club,and Yearbook but I love not being sober. I'm smart, popular, and involved, but I still love smoking out everyday and tripping on the weekends. Plus I have some other hobbies that society might frown upon. But dammit, I need some kind of release!

This community is for anyone of any age and any drug preference. Type your expereiences, your ponderings, or even your drug induced rants - this is the place for you. Hell, even fight with each other. I don't care.

All I ask is that in your first entry to please give us some info about yourself.

Drugs You've Tried:
Drug of Choice:
Something Interesting: (This can be soemthing about you, a quote, hell, andy fucking thing. Just as long as it is something that can entertain us for a short while.)